High Frequency Arts’ Creative Partner and House Artist, KWA

KWA, pronounced “kwah,” is a filmmaker, digital artist, social, economic and political science researcher and truth seeker, ambient & electric sound musician who returned back home to Indiana after residing in NYC. His works have been on display in public exhibitions, private businesses and home collections across the country.

KWA’s work explores the space between stimulus and response, where each of us has the power and freedom to choose our reactions. His latest works are images suspended from a single (1/24 of a second) frame of his abstract films viewed at cinematic scale.

KWA’s creations are not for the ordinary nor are they mass produced digital images. Like the artist, they are uniquely multi-dimensional and designed to be thought provoking high quality works of art. KWA is the house artist and creative partner at High Frequency Arts. Stop by, meet the artist and experience the phenomenon of KWA art.

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