Commercial Art Projects

High Frequency Arts has a passion for art combined with experience in consulting, design, and building award-winning environments. Let us help make your walls talk. At HFA we procure a thoughtful art selection that will work with your vision, project, and budget. Following an initial consultation with us, we will start sourcing artwork that is specifically aligned with your goals for you to review. We have proud relationships with local, regional, and national artists that work in every medium, at various career stages, and offer all price points. We ensure each piece will be carefully chosen to reflect each individual corporate space and will be quality work by individual voices. If we can’t find the perfect art piece for your needs, our in-house artists are always on hand to craft custom pieces for you.

Brand Alignment

We get to know our clients by taking the time to understand their business and how art can benefit their goals. Every piece is carefully chosen for each client’s needs.


From focal points in lobbies to smaller pieces in offices, we can work with any budget to find a piece that will match your needs.


We handle the entire process of procurement, framing, and hanging your pieces making it easy to acquire art.


Having artwork uniquely curated shows support for the art community and will make your space visually engaging and inspire those that enter.

Who do we work with?


Corporate and Small Offices

Art creates a welcoming environment for visitors, stimulates conversation among colleagues, and helps reinforce your professional and creative identity. It will bring dull, stuffy walls into a place that is inspiring to be in.


Restaurants, Cafés, and Bars

Pairing fine works of art with fine food and/or luxury accommodations is a great way to compliment your guests’ dining experience. Expose guests to local or regional artists’ works or choose to showcase a broad range of artists that speak to your venue’s unique style.


Healthcare and Health Services

Studies show that infusing the care giving experience with art, color, music, and other relaxing and motivating stimulus can assist in reducing anxiety, activate cognitive thoughts, and provide inspiration to promote better outcomes.


Hotels, Condos, and Apartments

Placing artwork in lobbies, common rooms, and hallways is a significant element that adds to the experience for every one of your guests during their stay. It helps show that you are culturally immersed and are providing an atmosphere that they will always remember.


Designers, Stagers, and Photographers

From high-end residential staging to print campaigns and photo shoots, the unique artwork of HFA adds an elegant, bold, and sophisticated polish to your projects. Our knowledgeable consultants, wide selection, and flexible hours, will help you impress clients, reduce the hassles, and complete your project on budget.


Art leasing is an excellent solution for clients interested in establishing an art collection without having a substantial up-front investment. Renting also lets you experience the artwork before making the commitment to purchase it. Artwork can be rented for three, six, or twelve-month terms, and at the end of each term, you are given the option to purchase the artwork, switch it out, or return it. If you decide to purchase your leased artwork, HFA will apply a portion of the rental fees paid during the rental period toward that piece or pieces purchase price. It’s that simple!

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