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Linette Bledsoe

Artist Linette Bledsoe began her professional career a little differently than most.  Upon receiving her B.A. in Studio Art from Indiana University in 2003, she began painting murals and applying faux finishes in commercial and residential spaces across central Indiana. In 2010, Linette decided it was time to make a change and got an art studio at the Stutz Building in downtown Indianapolis. She wanted to put more of a focus on her own artwork, something that had naturally went by the wayside as a muralist and faux finisher. The creative atmosphere brought by her studio has allowed Linette the venue and the inspiration to keep evolving her work.
As the years have gone by, Linette has started to employ more and more of the techniques she uses in her faux painting to the canvas, and then taking it to the next level. Heavily textured plaster pieces are her specialty, and over the years she has developed her own technique of “plaster painting.” Her work is contemporary and often draws inspiration from nature. Flowers are one of her favorite subjects, though she does have a deep love for abstract design as well, especially patterns and imperfect circles. Acrylic-based plasters and paints are her preferred mediums, and she tends to “sculpt” her compositions with them, layer by layer.
Bringing three-dimensional qualities to a two-dimensional surface is Linette’s mission with her artwork. She believes that there is something innately beautiful and unique about a painting that uses more than just color to define itself.

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Pronounced “kwah,” KWA is an abstract filmmaker, social, economic and political science researcher and truth seeker, ambient & electric sound musician and avant-garde artist.     

Inspired in his early twenties by some of the pioneering and most influential abstract and experimental musicians, artist and filmmakers of the 20th century, KWA started making his own films and soundtracks while attending Indiana University. KWA’s intriguing and multi-dimensional bodies of works are designed to force a shift in a viewer’s perceptions of the world around them. His works transcend the physical world and expand our visual and auditory senses exposing a wider sense of what is residing in our conscious mind, yet resonates within the shadows of our collective subconscious. Once discovered, it encourages a re-examination of one’s perspective of the world and their place within it.

KWA obtained a B.S. degree in Sociology from Indiana University and as an artist and entrepreneur started his first successful business venture directly out of college. He later became a successful global IT enterprise sales executive to help fund his filmmaking as he matured his skills and artistic creations. Through his art and business background he has had success in reaching thousands of patrons for many years as part of a residency at the Murphy Art Center in Fountain Square. 

KWA ended his residency and film exhibitions in 2014 to focus on print making and released his first fine giclée prints extracted from his films in the fall of 2016. His works have been on display in public exhibitions, private businesses, restaurants and home collections across Indiana. KWA is the resident artist and creative partner at High Frequency Arts.

To learn more, visit https://kwa.us/.

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