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From our previous post featuring out-of-towners, we’re circling back to our Indianapolis-based creators this week to celebrate Marco Querin, Evan Lloyd Steiner and Todd “Todd Art” Svendsen.


First, Marco Querin boasts a wide portfolio of styles, from abstract wool and fibers works to sheared animal hair to larger installations. His artist statement reads, “My life has been one of constant change and adaptation, both unsettling and exciting conditions by which one can still grow and thrive, but that can make it difficult to anticipate outcome and overall direction.  Consequently I am intrigued by all that can be controlled. My fiber-based work has, in itself, characteristics derived by this reality such as fragility, tension, elasticity and equilibrium, and only through a precision-based controlled execution, my work comes to life and tells a story that has a clear beginning and an end in sight.”


Evan Lloyd Steiner, previously from New Jersey but now living in Indianapolis, works on vivid and abstract hospitality-focused pieces. Evan partners with his wife, who is also an artist and photographer, to create Steiner Studios. Their work has been described as uplifting and is influenced by nature, music and travel. They specialize in large art pieces for home and hospitality venues, such as offices and boutique hotels.


Last for today, Todd “Todd Art” Svendsen, bases his work on “phenomena as a medium for exploring one’s perception of reality and awareness of one’s self.” A unique tool to High Frequency Arts, Todd Art utilizes lasers because the, “energy can be felt like the sun.” Todd Art explains that he views his Laser Installations, “as a space of and for imagination and inward exploration.”

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