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Planning Your Next Art Piece

High Frequency Arts doesn’t just help clients procure artwork, we help them use artwork as a strategic advantage. Before beginning the process we work with you to plan the project from start to finish. From helping with establishing goals as part of our client insight & discovery process to building your unique business portfolio and finishing with professional installation.

Before beginning your project, here are a few tips to help prepare:

1. Start with an end goal in mind.

-Outline a project timeline and general floor plan for artwork placement -Identify what services will be needed and what services are internally available

(consulting, procurement, framing, delivery, installation, appraisal, etc.)

-Identify your artwork viewing audience(s) -What outcomes would you like to accomplish for each audience identified

-What services & attributes are desired from a third party partner

-What does success look like at the end of your project

2. Align artwork to your business, not just to your furnishings.

-Is company branding and/or values alignment important to your selection process

-Do you have style or color preferences identified -What current artwork or decor would be retained or re-purposed -Any must haves or avoids when it comes to artwork

3. Align artist to your business. It's a blue ocean, not a small pond.

-What types of artworks are of interest (painting, prints, sculptures, photography)

-Do you have pieces of interest or artists you admire -Do you have a desired artist resume or experience level -Do you desire artists from a certain local or regional geography

-Other desired artist demographics or attributes

4. Decision makers and selection process.

-Who should be part of the procurement process & what are their roles

-Who is the primary contact for the project -Who will make the final decision on works selected -How frequently will the project team connect

-How will you inform or engage other stakeholders during the project

5. Establish a budget.

-What is the budget for your project, is it inclusive of your outlined project needs

-What will the RFP process look like with potential suppliers

Artwork Project Planning?

Let us help with your artwork- installation strategy and project management. Professional, service oriented, stress-free and hassle-free. Contact us today!

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