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With artistic workplaces based in downtown Indianapolis, Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley, more formally known as Owens + Crawley are well-recognized and celebrated artists of sound, light and visual elements.

Part of their artist statement reads, “Life is composed of twos. Realizing this, both artist and scientist came together to push one another, learn and grow closer to a clarity that lies somewhere between the two complete yet dissatisfied realms of the mind. Their portfolio is littered with work that defies simple categorization. Many works take on a rigid, geometric quality with harsh lines and impressive scale while something soft and airy emanates such as the quiet voice of a widowed wife or the ethereal glow of a transposed light. Other works take on a rough, imperfect visual tone while a clean, crisp identifiable spectrum of light or scale of music omits from within the work.”

Upon witnessing work from Owens + Crawley, you’ll find they, “create work that glorifies, yet points out the flaws and frailty that are humanity.”

We welcome Owens + Crawley to High Frequency Arts and know you’ll enjoy their work!

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