In today’s global economy it’s challenging to find and retain employees, customers, tenants, caregivers, and clients.   A critical piece of the overall strategy is to create an engaging and inspiring environment. Often walls and open spaces are empty and overlooked, filled with common or outdated decor and traditionally under-invested real estate when instead can be utilized to create visual, meaningful and lasting impressions.


We help transform spaces from global to small workplaces and offices, healthcare and health service centers, commercial and residential properties, educational institutions, hospitality, retailers and restaurants.  

Working with you and or your designer we can put together a customized portfolio of artwork that reflects your brand, desired outcomes, and budget. Our services are designed to make everything from planning to installation, stress, and hassle-free.


​From entertaining guests to a place to relax, art creates a unique, inspirational, intimate and conversational environment for your home.  Every home is different and selecting artwork is very personal and reflects each individual's style.  


​Art leasing is an excellent solution for clients interested in establishing an art collection without having a substantial up-front investment, inventorying fixed assets and capital expense or those preferring a rotating experience to keep things interesting.  Leasing lets our clients experience artwork before making the commitment to purchase it.

If you decide to purchase your leased artwork, we will apply a portion of the leasing fees paid toward the purchase price. It’s that simple!


If we can’t find the perfect art piece for your needs or you desire something custom created, our house artists, muralists, and professional photographers, network of artists, graphic designers, and custom printers are on hand to create for you.  

Have that special piece or pieces but looking for design ideas and framing services, we’ve got you covered.


Are you searching for one piece to start or expand your collection?  We have access to limited editions, collector owned consigned works, and exclusive artwork pieces from national, regional, and local gallery quality and represented professional artists.



Located in

       Hub & Spoke Design Center
       8100 E 106th Street, Suite 110

       Fishers, IN 46038

Phone: 317.585.ARTS (2787)

Email: info@highfrequencyarts.com

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