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All Men Are Mortal

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Title: All Men Are Mortal
Artists: Jay Hamm
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 30x30

Jay is a painter and clinical psychologist. A lifetime Hoosier with degrees from Butler University, Valparaiso University, and University of Indianapolis, he has lived and worked in Indianapolis for the majority of the last two decades. His abstract expressionist paintings commonly explore ideas drawn from a close study of human psychology. When he's not painting, he can be found assisting people with severe mental health problems to make sense of their lives and pursue meaningful recovery.

From the artist:
"This series of paintings honors the many women that have influenced me, both personally and artistically. Using a restricted palette, I explore a range of abstract techniques and color variations that express emotional nuance and ineffable internal experience, an interiority that has been deeply impacted throughout my life by so many remarkable female friends, family members, and artists. These paintings suggest love and heartache, grief and hope, vulnerability and resilience."
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