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"Thin Red Line" Series Flag

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Product Details
Title: "Thin Red Line"
Artists: Brotherhood Designs, LLC - Scott Carr & Rob Demlow
Materials: Decommissioned Fire Hose, Couplings on Panel
Dimensions: 80 x 43

Scott Carr and Rob Demlow have over 40 years of service as professional firefighters in central Indiana. They found, over time, a friendship and an eye for creativity. This creativity lead to their experimenting with making works of art using hose and other items used in their profession -- saving them from ending up in a landfill. They started out making a few flags for friends and family but soon had an overwhelming response that led to the creation of Brotherhood Designs, LLC.

From Scott & Rob: "Our work is dedicated to all the heroes who work in professions like ours for the benefit of public service. As you look through the pictures of some of our projects, you will see how they have evolved and will continue to evolve with customized, decorative art that has a story and meaning. You can choose from an itemized list of options that you would like your flag to have, and we are always open to other ideas that you are interested in to meet your personal desires. Our ultimate goal is for you to be proud to display your creation in honor of your heroes and your country."

"The “Thin Line’ Series represents an appreciation of everyone who’s come before us and put their lives on the line for their communities."

This “Thin Red Line” Series Flag includes the couplings, black bottom shelf and LED backlight. LED light plugs directly into a power outlet.

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