Watch How First Person Uses Art to Create an Engaging Workspace With the Help of High Frequency Arts.
Bryan Brenner
First Person
CEO and Founder

Jill’s unique combination of creativity and business-mindedness is sure to create a well-curated experience all around.  Can’t wait to experience HFA!

Santiago Jaramillo
Santiago Jaramillo
CEO & Co-Founder

Our environment matters to our capacity to create, innovate and focus: that’s what I love about HFA – how art and the right space can help open and expand our minds to the opportunities for connection all around us.

Matt Folk
Matt Folk
Technology Marketing Corporation
President and CEO

When Jill shared her idea to provide consulting and artwork to the business community as a way to refresh spaces and spark creative energy in workplaces, I questioned its value proposition. Jill made me a believer in art and assisted me with placing art in my office and conference room. Listening to her share the evidence-based outcomes art brings paired with creative ways to procure it reinforced her expertise and accomplishments in business, culture, engagement and workplace transformation. Jill knows what she is doing and does it well.

Mendy Werne
Mendy Werne

High Frequency is bringing contemporary art to Indy in a big way by introducing residents to new artists and offering opportunities to help individuals to re-wire conventional thinking.