Meet Our Exclusive Artists

Heather Dawn Batchelor

​As long as she can remember, Heather has been trying to find the right medium to bring a little of her fantasy world into the real world. For many years Heathers creative focus was in creating an equestrian handbag company. She started by designing whimsical fabrics and sewing bags by hand in her upstairs guest bedroom. Eventually, her bags would be sold globally on 5 out of 7 continents.
After the bags, she returned to her love of painting. She returned to painting to regain a sense of control of her artistic process and a way to escape into her fantasy world but soon found each painting taking on a life of its own. Always a storyteller, Heather’s paintings are a glimpse into her own private world where colors and shapes play and create their own settings, characters and adventures. Her work has been features in exhibits across the midwest. Check out her work here.


KWA Films

KWA explores the space between stimulus and response, where each of us has the power and freedom to choose our reactions. He has captured this space by extracting still frames from his Abstract 3D Motion Pictures at a rate equivalent to 1/24th of a second, a window too brief for any response. The extracted still frames are then 3D printed at cinematic scale to encourage his audiences to suspend contemplation prior to reaction.  

KWA knows a piece has succeeded when an observer of his work tells him something about it he did not expect; something that is a new discovery or consistent positive factor in their lives which allows them to have a positive impact of the lives of those around them.  Discovering something of which no one has seen before, including himself. His collector base extends across the US and work has been features in exhibits across the midwest. Check out his work here.

Lauren Dusing

Lauren is a self-taught artist with a background and education in Interior Design from Indiana University. She was born in Southern California but grew up in the Midwest city of Indianapolis, IN. She believes real beauty is perfectly imperfect, just like life itself. That is what she strives to create in her work, beauty that is authentic and can be felt by the viewer. She uses paint, charcoal and other mixed media on paper or canvas to create an imperfect balanced harmony using various concentrations of pigments. Lauren's abstract paintings are not influenced by certain subject matter, rather the quality, properties, and placement of the paint and mediums and the process of creation become the subject itself. Check out her work here.


Linette Bledsoe

Linette received her B. A. in Studio Art and Graphic Design at Indiana University in May of 2003, and has been painting professionally ever since. She specializes in custom hand-painted wall murals, faux painting, and decorative painting of all kinds.She currently has two main art collections to choose from: abstracts and modern floral pieces. Her contemporary style of plaster painting is extremely unique and is something that she has developed and perfected over the years. She uses acrylic-based plasters and paints to form her compositions, and various glazing techniques to bring the textures to life. Check out her work here.

Nina Weiss

Nina Weiss is a nationally renowned artist who has been painting and drawing the landscape for over 40 years.  She holds a BFA from the Tyler School of Art and graduate study at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Further study includes pre-college instruction the Rhode Island School of Design, and the Art Students’ League of New York.Her paintings and drawings can be seen in two Hollywood films: John Hugh’s “Just Visiting” and Harold Ramis’s “Ice Harvest” and in the T.V. series “Chicago Fire”. Her collector base extends across the US and work has been features in exhibits across the midwest. Check out her work here.



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