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Wilshaw Apartments High Frequency Arts 2



Wilshaw Apartments are a two-building complex located in the heart of Main Street in Speedway, Indiana across from the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway, providing upscale and luxury living. Being in such an iconic location, we used new and vintage artwork, multiples of the same artwork to accommodate multiple tenant floors, and custom paintings and photography all with a racing theme to incorporate the culture and history of Speedway. To achieve this goal, our house artist and photographer, as well as another artist in our network, custom-created race-inspired pieces to perfectly fit what they desired. 


I’m so grateful to know that when my time gets pulled in a hundred directions and I move on with other projects, the team at High Frequency Arts is so on top of the finishing touches. I don’t have to worry about a thing when they are in the mix.


DKGR Architects Interior Designer

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