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Art & Mental Health

3 Ways Art Can Improve Your Well Being

Mental health issues affect nearly half of the global population, at some point, by age 40. Recently, the pandemic has added challenges for mental wellness, fear & uncertainty in our homes, schools and workplaces . So, how can we use art to think differently when it comes to how we engage and care for our mind?

There is a powerful and compelling case, supported by cutting-edge research, that the arts have positive effects on mental health. Studies have shown that engaging and participating in the arts can help people with depression, anxiety and overall well-being.

Here are 3 ways the arts can help:

Take Power of Your Emotions

The arts engage our minds in new ways, allowing us to explore and release our emotions in healthy ways that make us feel good by reducing stress, elevating our mood, and even lowering blood pressure. Arts engagement can enhance the positive emotions we have in our daily lives, our life satisfaction and our sense of purpose.

Stimulate Your Brain

Art encourages creative thinking and imagination in both kids & adults. It also enhances problem-solving skills by encouraging us to imagine our own solution. Creating and engaging in art can boost your self-confidence and sense of accomplishment which triggers an immediate dopamine release that can lower depression and anxiety.

Enhance Social Bonding

Community-based arts programs & events enhance our social bonds and make us feel less isolated and more connected while rooting us in our community. Art also allows us to explore other communities and cultures and broadens our awareness, making us feel a part of something bigger and less loneliness.

There are evidence-based solutions for using the arts to promote mental health. While this is not the “cure-all” for our mental health challenges, there is plenty of evidence to support prioritizing arts in our own lives at home, school & the workplace. High Frequency Arts is dedicated to providing these solutions to our clients and community in the hopes of refreshing people's well-being through art.

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