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The Importance of Art in the Workplace

Why creating and fostering a visually appealing & creative work environment can boost company culture and employee engagement.

Make a Statement

A study conducted by Work Design found that incorporating art in the workspace can make a statement about the company’s culture and its commitment to a healthier and more vibrant work environment. In doing so, the company becomes more attractive to both prospective clients and employees.

Increase Interpersonal Connections

Findings from a Harvard University study reveal that because art elicits an emotional response, it can pave the way to more open communication and interpersonal connections in the workplace. This will become increasingly critical as the next generation (the under 30 crowd) enters the workforce and we see a return to the office after 2+ years of isolating work-from-home situations.

Restore Mental Energy

The office can easily become a place of stress and tension, and people become cognitively exhausted after prolonged periods of highly focused work. Viewing artwork helps workers restore mental energy, reduces stress and calms anxiety

Increase Productivity

Research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology found that employees who have control over the design of their workspace and access to an “enriched” (decorated with artwork, greenery and decor) work environment are not only happier and healthier- they’re also up to 32% more productive than employees who work in “lean” (bare with minimalist and functional design) work environment.

Boost Employee Health

Using art for its healing benefits helps to support employee health and overall well-being. This in turn benefits the company, since their employees will have less time off for health problems, and creates a more positive feeling in the office with happier employees.

Ready to get started?

Art creates a welcoming and visually impactful environment for visitors, employees, and clients. It’s guaranteed to stimulate conversation and reinforce a professional and creative identity. We work with you to understand your mission so we can curate art that matches your values, brand, goals, culture, and history. Contact us today!

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