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We’ve featured incredible creators from across the United States so far, but today we’re taking a quick trip from Fishers to downtown Indianapolis as we feature our next two artists: Lauren Dusing and Lindsey Bridge.

Lauren Dusing  is an interior designer and talented artist who primarily works with three mediums, oils, acrylic and watercolor to create pieces featuring landscapes, florals and most recently, abstract painting. She is passionate about color and their power when combined with gestural and loose brushwork, but with an intentional mindset void of unnecessary detail. From her artist statement, Lauren shares, “My intention with my work is to create art that stirs inspiration and fosters positive uplifting emotions. If it fills a small area in someone’s home with beauty and joy, then I have accomplished my goal as an artist.”  Lauren’s work have been sold to many High Frequency Arts clients and we can’t wait to share her latest creations with you.

While she grew up in Detroit and lived in New York City and Chicago, Lindsey Bridge has found her home in Indianapolis. She is a contemporary painter, medical illustrator, animator, and designer who works with resin, oil, acrylic, watercolor and other mixed media. Lindsey’s works continue to grow in popularity, are a must see and best of all they are available for purchase at the gallery.

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