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Updated: Jul 23, 2019



Art was not a subject taught in my business school. It wasn’t even mentioned. In the business world, most professions have a job title, job description and market driven compensation range. Not so prescriptive for an artist. The role is what an artist inspires to make it, most describe it as their calling, it’s generally abstract and the talent profile and work is as diverse as their paychecks. To a business school graduate and corporate executive not something we are accustomed too. I have always been interested in and appreciative of various forms of art but felt the art world spoke a different language and therefore complex and intimidating.

Having career experience exposed to retail, manufacturing, medical device and technology environments across the globe and holding a variety of roles  from operations to human resources, corporate services, sales, marketing, customer service, strategy & business transformation I gained broad and deep professional and personal growth and exposure. The visibility to vastly different products and services, client bases, financial structures, employees bases, leadership styles, communities and cultures provided robust career and life experiences. Each industry, company and assignment challenged, energized and taught me.

What I gained was a background, feeling comfortable in C-suite, talking with customers or on a manufacturing floor and with confidence due to those opportunities a more agile learner, more rounded open minded leader, innovative problem solver and strategist. Yet, within these experiences, I still remained intimated with art and around individuals known as artist.

That’s when I made the consensus decision to disrupt my thinking and immerse myself  in the world of art. I began visiting art museums, strolling into galleries, wandering through art shows with a whole new lens. Becoming more intrigued with artist, how they conceptualize and create their work. Educating myself in art history, the various forms of art and found myself captivated with the mid twentieth century abstract expressionism art movement led by figures such as Salvador Dali, Clyfford Still, Piet Mondrian, Robert Motherwell, Lee Krasner, Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, William de Kooning, Paul Klee, Gerald Richter, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns and the list goes on.

These trailblazing artist rejected representational forms, seeking an art communicated on a monumental scale and disclosing the artist’s inner state in a abstract yet universal visual language. These artist focused on action painting or color field painting that was figurative or non objective in nature. This style of artwork had a huge post war influence on how art was viewed and interpreted and at a time when our economic, social, generational and political environment was changing.

This unlocked for me an understanding of the power, influence and captivating nature of an artist and their work. These trailblazers brought new forms of work that expressed the artist identity along with giving birth to the next generation of  art patrons and artistic creations including abstract motion picture and later the pop art and contemporary art and culture influence. In essence these artist were disruptive innovators and entrepreneurs. Interestingly, my research across history, current and during this time period that trailblazing business entrepreneurs had interest and investment in art, artist and the artistic community. Some of them even early or later in their careers became artist.

I’m compelled to share what I have experienced through art and its ability to unlock our minds, homes and workplaces with disruptive power allowing inner creativity flourish. To bridge artist and interested patrons in a space that is unconventional in the way art is traditionally displayed, marketed and sold. To find inspiration, personal connection and celebrate refreshingly fine yet affordable abstract works of art. This is the mission of High Frequency Arts.

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