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  • Saydanee Jordan

The Man Behind KWA Films

The man behind KWA Films is an abstract mastermind with a purpose that sets him

outside the natural reality of society. The name KWA (pronounced kwah or kwä) derives from the French and Swahililand meaning of the word. In Swahili, “kwa” means for, and the French word “Quoi” pronounced the same means “what.” Combing the two, KWA Films is precisely asking the viewer the question “For what?,” a perfect introduction within the symbolic artwork. KWA’s vision and genius make his creations irreplaceably unique and visually encapsulating. Each piece imposes a thoughtful wonder filled with curiosity, craze, and most importantly, energy, and this of course, is always asking the viewer to, in his words, “ask the right questions.” His works are created with diligence, purpose, and with the viewer’s mind in interest.

When looking at the scatters of vibrant colors in each piece, the medium would pose as

the viewers mystery. The root of all his creations come with light. By using unique sources such as police sirens and lasers to build his medium, KWA can manipulate them to create his desired look. This can include creating shadows or incorporating watercolors, but mainly the idea is to disengage the robotics of his tools. He then takes the photographs and compiles them into films with each shot taking up the space of 1/24th of a second. According to KWA Films, this is too short of a time for a person to react or respond, and that sparks the theme behind his films.

Often, KWA ponders the views of society and how it relates to individuality. His art

allows him to fissure his love of film and the spirit of his work, driving it to almost tests his

viewers. When asked about the purpose of his art, KWA expressed one’s relationship to a simple film. "Film is based on narrative with people that we are supposed to relate to. Kind of telling us a story which, in a really good movies becomes your story too,” he says. “When people think of films, that’s what they think of. And I’m thinking of something completely different. I think the medium should be used to help people find their own story.”

As an artist one of the most dynamic phenomenon in abstract or contemporary art is the

beauty of subjectivity. KWA suggests, “Abstract art is a unique experience because you must put in work to understand. First of all, what is it, but more importantly what Is it to me?” As the maker of that stimulus, his process starts with putting himself in that frame of mind. When asked about his message, he said, “I want to dedicate myself to it to spread this idea: there's all kinds of people and all kinds of places that want to change your mind about something. I’m stepping in and saying I want you to change your own mind about everything.” In other words, within the heat and craze of our current world, we often are told not to dissociate. Something historic seems to always be happening which influences us to not blink, for we could miss the next thing. KWA’s message points direction to a completely separate way of thinking. Slow down. Acknowledge the power of time. Do not just see but see through. Acknowledge that all you know may not be completely right. Through this ponderance, one may be able to acknowledge the non-objective reality. Whether you know him as KWA Films or simply by the hues of prints, allow his work to be, as he would say, “a consistent reminder that things are not what they


About the Author

Saydanee Jordan is a high school student at Fishers High School and intern at High Frequency Arts, eager to dive into the world of art. Throughout her years in grade school, she has been driven towards discovering her purpose, and working in a creative field is crucial for her. Saydanee plans to study psychology and art therapy in college, and later down the road, pursue a career connecting her craft with therapy.

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