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  • Saydanee Jordan

The Nature of Lacy Pearson

Lacy Pearson is an abstract artist who eagerly paints through the stories of the past. Though, she has been creative throughout her life, Pearson continuously evolves with her talent into a different creator. With adoration for the cycle of transformation, she uses her expertise to create magnificent pieces of art that aren’t only pleasing to the eye but are a blessing to the soul.

Pearson’s journey with abstract art began with the birth of her son. Creating life within a boy pushed her to bring life to her creative side through her abstract artwork. She began exploring the ways in which she can create and finally discovered her perfect tools. In each stage of life, Lacy has expressed a connection to the earth. “I grew up in central Utah so every summer when I go home to see the mountains and visit the national parks, I'm really inspired by the way that I feel in nature and being surrounded by it,” she says. Finding comfort in the hues of the dreamy sky and the textures of the rustic world, it is no surprise that Lacy brings forth these beauties in her paintings. By using a mixture of beeswax, tree resin, and pigment, the nature of her art truly embodies the nature of her tools.

Along each painting journey, the influence of nature carries on into the core subjects and inspirations of her art pieces. Through this medium, Lacy Pearson honors the beauty of transformation within all parts of life from the growth of her son, the growth of her career, or even the simple transformation of a mountain. She says, “Whenever I see the mountains, I'm sort of reminded of all of the elements that contribute to making that whole mound of rock.” This admiration fuels a constant pursuit of her work: to meet our world’s evolution with veneration. Transformation, a custom so universal in the gears of our world, resonated with depth that didn’t just inspire Lacy to paint, but compelled her to do so. Often when one is met with an abstract piece, they’re drawn to the hues, the shapes, and pose their opinions from that. Pearson believes that, “With fine art, even if its abstract, even if it's something purposefully pretty to look at, there is a message to what the artist is trying to say with this medium.” In other words, abstract art should not only be seen but heard, not only looked at but felt, not merely a momentary stare but an everlasting memory.

Delving into one of Lacy Pearson’s favorite works, her process in action can be seen. “Burning Furiously Beautiful” is an abstract print meant to empower the stories of resilient women. “I read this story about the women who were lighting fires in front of the white house, and although the protests were peaceful, they were arrested. There was no violence, yet they were detained simply for speaking their mind. But the flames were not going out until they got what they want,” she says. “The thought of those fires burning and the women’s passion for this project inspired the colors I wanted to use to express what this emotion was, what this passion was to make this change.”

Lacy Pearson’s artworks excel the definition of fine art. While they may catch glances for their dazzling vibrance and advanced technique, their significance spreads far wider. Pearson paints through the roots of her character and the spirits that have built her. She says, “What defines me is growth. I recognize that my work is going to change, and I want it to change. I am excited for my work to evolve. I never want to stop learning and becoming better.”

About the Author

Saydanee Jordan is a high school student at Fishers High School and intern at High Frequency Arts, eager to dive into the world of art. Throughout her years in grade school, she has been driven towards discovering her purpose, and working in a creative field is crucial for her. Saydanee plans to study psychology and art therapy in college, and later down the road, pursue a career connecting her craft with therapy.

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